Welcome to Bellevue – Introduction

I’ve been working on what I’ve come to think of as ‘this writing thing’ for a while now. It was always there, in fact if you go back to the first time I made something up it’s probably been twenty years, but if you look back to the moment I decided I wanted to be a writer, and started actively going for it, it’s probably been seven or eight.


I’ve had some little wins along the way, and each of them has been a boost in their own right – Truthfully, I’ve loved the ride, and I hope I will continue to do so – but there’s still a kind of cognitive dissonance. I’m yet to feel the title win, the one where I start calling myself a writer.


Hence: this writing thing.


I think part of it, was that I was always wedded to an idea of what being a writer was. It involved working from a café, with a laptop and a coffee, writing in the mornings, and having time for the business side, family, friends, and the rest of life in the afternoons. It’s a romantic, idealised version of the career. It’s a cliché, and it’s not the reality. I’ve come to think the reality of being a writer is a lot more exciting.


Now, the first chapter of my debut novel, Welcome to Bellevue is online, and readable. The novel being published in a very non-traditional way, digitally and on demand. A non-traditional publication, for a non-traditional book. It’s a blend of genre and literary, mystery and magic realism. This first chapter is a preview, a work in progress, that may change and evolve before the final is uploaded and page is printed.


We’ve decided to share this chapter, because it’s a break with tradition. More and more we hear the word ‘Content’ more than we hear about books, or movies or art. The mediums are changing as our tastes evolve, and while there’s a part of that’s terrifying, it’s quite exciting as well. When we think of writers now, the vision is very different to the image of the laptop in the café. The books these people produce will be different as well.


I hope that this introduction to Welcome to Bellevue captures your curiosity, and that perhaps, when the ‘book’ comes out later this year, you’ll feel inspired to read it in a non-traditional way.



Welcome to Bellevue will be out later this year, published by Grattan Street Press.


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