The Best of Beat (with some stuff on the side)

My first real gig as a writer was working as a freelance music journalist. I use the word ‘gig’ here intentionally because more often than not, I was in it for the tickets. A few of these magazines did pay, but most of them were freebies. That said, they were fun freebies, and they gave me the chance to interview some cool, creative people, learn about the publication process, and of course, see some awesome shows.


I’m sad to say not all of these publications have survived the last few years. It turns out the world of online music journalism is kind of over-saturated (who knew?), and a few of my favourites have gone bust.


The internet moves on, scenes change, and servers run out of space.


Feeling inspired (and maybe a little nostalgic), I set out on a treasure hunt to find some of this old work. The end result included a lot of dead links, but I’ve also uncovered a few sepia-toned web pages, that I’ve included here:



The Cat Empire

For more than 15 years, The Cat Empire have been an inescapable feature of the Australian music scene. They probably hooked you with the catchy singles Hello and The Car Song, or maybe you were late to the party and only caught on with last year’s Wolves. Either way is fine, because these guys aren’t going anywhere […]

Beat Magazine, 2016.



Northeast Party House

For fans of Northeast Party House, the wait for their sophomore album has been epic. Now, following on from their 2014 debut, Any Given Weekend, we’re only a few days away from the release of their latest record, Dare […]

Beat Magazine, 2016



Tinpan Orange 

Over the past year, Australian folk trio Tinpan Orange have been hard at work, plugging away in the studio and laying down something incredible. Love is a Dog is the band’s fifth studio album, and brings with it a wealth of experience and technical experimentation […]

Beat Magazine, 2016



15 Minutes With: Asta

In 2012 Tasmanian songstress Asta took out the crown for the Triple J Unearthed High competition, with her single “My Heart Is On Fire”. Now, in 2015, Asta has backed the win up with a string of singles (including this year’s airwave dominating collaboration with Allday, “Dynamite”), and a touring schedule that has seen her sell-out shows and support the likes of Ellie Goulding […]

OutIn Sydney, 2015



15 Minutes With: Ngaiire

It’s officially awards season, and here in Australia that means that all eyes and ears turn to the ARIAS. It’s a serious spectacle, but while the media’s focus stays glued on the one stage, there are plenty of trophies on offer, such as the APRA AMCOS awards […]

OutIn Sydney, 2015





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