Seth Robinson is the author of Welcome to Bellevue, published by Grattan Street Press (GSP) in 2020. Welcome to Bellevue is the first full-length novel in GSPs original fiction collection.

In 2021, Seth was one of the inaugural winners of the Ultimo Prize (fiction), with his short story Watch Me, selected as the opening story for the prize collection, Everything, All at Once. He was also Runner-up for the Busy Bird Publishing [Untitled] prize, with his short story, The Sting, featuring in their 10th anniversary anthology. His other creative works have featured in publications such as Aurealis Magazine, TCK Town, Intermissions: the GSP Flash Fiction Anthology, the University of Sydney Anthology, Farrago and Woroni, among others.

Seth received a Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing from the University of Melbourne in 2018, where he now works as a Lecturer in Creative Writing and Communications. He completed a Bachelor of Arts at the Australian National University (ANU) in 2014.

Born in Seattle, Washington, his family emigrated to Australia when he was four years old. Seth draws on his experiences of being a dual-citizen in his written work, in his thinking about people, place, politics, and the wider world.

At any given time, Seth is likely to have half-a-dozen creative projects in the works – which has led to his exploration of creating within many mediums. This has included: producing, co-creating and hosting podcasts, such as the Australian Podcast Award winning Women are the Business, working as a producer at a commercial radio station, and freelancing as a music journalist. His byline has featured in publications such as Beat, the Brag, Vulture, BMA Magazine, and inthemix.

Seth is working on his next novel, Grace, and on a collection of his short stories. He is currently completing his PhD (Creative Writing) through the University of Sydney. When not writing, Seth’s time is dictated by the household alpha dog, his Cavoodle, Swayze. 

Artist portrait courtesy of Breeana Dunbar, 2021

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